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It’s been quite a year for the 877 team, a label which we honestly feel so honoured to be working with so closely at the moment. Headed up by Brighton’s own Dom, a true veteran of bass music culture and an ever evolving underground dance music scene, 877 Records is a true beacon of creativity and originality, a fact which is undeniable when you take a second to peek through both their roster and now extensive back catalogue. 
When it comes to labels with a seriously influential history within Bass music, it’s difficult to leave the legendary 877 out of the conversation. Over the years the Brighton based imprint has housed some of the most sought after names on the scene, including the likes of My Nu Leng, Majora, Distro, A-Motion and more. 
UK Funky is one of those genres that seems to be constantly up for debate, what is it? is it dead? is such and such bringing it back? The sound has evolved so much over time that whilst that core UK Funky sound remains there are endless sub genres/crossovers and related sounds to consider. Having only been involved in the scene for a couple of years I often find it difficult to say this is UK Funky or this isn’t because I don’t feel it’s my place to say.