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As a label, 2019 has been good to the 1Forty team, who continue to push forward with their work inside multiple different genres under the UK bass music bracket. Spearheaded by the insatiable musical appetite of founder: Lockt, the label is always at the forefront of whatever sound it is releasing, with a fantastic back catalogue funky, bass, grime and garage bangers throughout.
2019 has been an unusual year for bass music as a whole, as the genre continues to split into more and more micro-communities and genre pools, similar to the expansion D&B has seen over many many years. This isn’t a bad thing at all, as we are all able to reap the benefits of a multitude of new sounds and ideas that spring forth from the splits.
It’s definitely an exciting time in the UK, as we start to see the day parties emerge from their winter hibernation and slowly but surely feel a sense of summer injected into the musical landscape. This can be easily represented by the mass amount of UKG releases we have been seeing hit the shelves over the past few weeks and we couldn’t be happier about it!
Club night turned record label ‘1Forty’ return to grace the 3000 blog with yet another Funky and Garage release. Following on from FNG002, this release features an all star lineup, and has been as high as #1 on the Juno Garage and Funky charts.
Consistency, consistency, consistency, that is one thing we really preach here at threethousand,, and for that reason we are always excited to see extended projects hit their full potential. As a label, we are always impressed with what 1Forty bring to the table, representing multiple genres and different sounds across the board.
One thing we reallyy value at 3000 is a label steadfastness, and their ability to move with the times without wondering too far from their original ethos. One label we feel who is managing to gracefully step between the two extremes with perfect precision is 1Forty, a project set up by LOCKT to showcase the best in grime, bass, funky and beyond.