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Swedger launches free producer kit just in time for lock down

Posted 31/3/20 in

These are truly uncertain times. There is a lot of fear in the air and there is a lot of misinformation floating around, which as expected is heightening both the tension and the public anxiety surrounding our current world health scenario. The likelihood is that at some point in the near future we are all likely to be spending a fair bit of time inside, which for some people may well seem like the idea of hell.

However, we are pretty confident that a number of producers across multiple different genres and styles will actually be quite looking forward to a touch of isolation, allowing them to crack on with those projects they never got round to finishing or those remixes they never got around to writing. In fact, having spoken to multiple sources at distribution companies and different record labels, they are in-fact expecting an absolute boom in content over the coming months of solitude.

Enter: Swedger. If you don’t know about Swedger yet we highly recommend diving into his back catalogue, being such a versatile producer he has made his name known everywhere between Juke and Bassline to Grime and Funky. His widened production pallet is therefore the perfect base from which to launch a brand new UK Bass sample pack, stuffed full of percussive goodies and exciting sounds to really liven up your most recent creations.

The UK Bass sample pack┬áitself takes the name ‘Mad Deep 2020‘ and features over 50 incredibly vibrant and unique drum sounds and bass stabs, from the crunchy UKG hi-hat additions to the bamboo slaps and sizzling bass cuts.

This selection of sounds is essentially that extra dash of spice that brings your dish to life. We therefore couldn’t be happier to host it through The 3000 network.

You can check out the sample pack demo below:

Click here for free download


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