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Subrinse and Grawg let loose on brand new Mike Floss refunk

Posted 5/3/20 in

We are back again for another exciting look into the wider spectrum of underground dance music today as we continue our expansion. In the last two years we have seen massive expansions in UK Garage and Funky, but we haven’t spoken as much about the more housey evolution that seems to be taking place, especially on the G-house side of things.

Today we are very excited to be diving into a very tasty remix project as Subrinse and Grawg join together their exciting production abilities with fantastic results. This US-based combination has some serious potential, as is clear to hear to anyone with a half decent pair of ears on them.

It’s often easy to over-egg a remix project, especially when with vocals that sit as potently as Mike Floss, but this most certainly isn’t the case as Subrinse and Grawg combine in style to give ‘FOTW’ a very tasty re-lick indeed.
Taking a really smooth approach, we hear the pair unleash a collection of moody sub textures, which dance away subtly below the catchy vocal stabs and verses of the original accapella. This is then topped off with groovy, almost UKG-like chord progressions and minimal yet punchy drum designs from start to finish. 

Overall, this is a great example of how to build a respectful remix in a crowded market. Every week we hear new ‘Bassline Bootleg’ attempts which as many are aware, are essentially a intro based around a sample, leading into a completely unrelated drop. For us this is the polar opposite, paying homage to the original recording whilst also employing a selection of their own unique elements.

With this being only the second in a line of five remixes that Subrinse has planned, we can’t wait to see what else he has on the way for the rest of the year!

You can check out the track below:

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