We are thrilled to be unveiling this sizzling new two-track display from the one and only Sub Terra, one of 2021’s shining lights across the UK Bass scene and without a doubt one of our favourite faces currently operating within that world.

This brand new EP is a perfect example as to why we are so enthralled by the Sub Terra sound, as we kick off with the violent synthesizer lurches and sub-busting drum processing of ‘Don’t Say A Word’, which commands a serious dance floor energy from start to finish with some sizzling sound design and skippy rhythmic arrangement.

On the flip, we find ourselves moving down the frequency spectrum quite dramatically as ‘Bacardi’ delivers a sumptuous punch of gut-bulging bass action, with froggy synth sounds and pounding drum designs leading the way to provide a much more subterranean feel for the perfect flip, rounding off this two-tracker with a serious thwack of energy!