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STUND – Midnight Grooves EP

Posted 16/3/20 in

We make a very welcome return to 3000 Deep today as we unveil a very exciting project indeed. Of course, we tend to put a main focus into our high quality run of single releases, but when an EP as good as this one from STUND comes knocking, who are we to refuse!

Taking the title ‘Midnight Grooves’ this project consists of four absolute bangers, with ‘Back From The Sound Of The Underground’ kicking us off with some moogy acidic tastings. This is chased up by the smooth drum-work and reesey warbles of ‘Bounce’, before ‘Break It Down’ deploys colourful percussion and punchy kicks with a real slap in the face finish.
Finally, Wes Please joins the party on the final track ‘Booty Shake’, the perfect techy roller to round this one out with!

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