Strictly House & Garage deliver a wavy new four track sampler

In all seriousness, right from the off, have we ever had a more exciting year from the garage scene since it first rose to popularity back in the day? In my honest opinion, I don’t think the sound has ever been more consistent when it comes to releases, or more groundbreaking when it comes to the actual sounds being designed. This of course has lead to numerous different label projects popping up and delivering incredibly consistent runs of releases, with today’s subjects being a perfect example of that exact idea.

Enter: Strictly House & Garage, a Sheffield based events company-turned record label, who operate alongside their more established sister label of Project All Out to deliver a much more UKG inspired selection of drops form a similar artists pool. It’s become a certified platform in it’s own right over the last 12 months however, with their actual discography boasting a fabulous selection of, perhaps, slightly undersung creations from some of the most reliable producers in the game. They have just unleashed a fabulous new collection of the creations we just described with the first volume of their new ‘SHAG SAMPLER‘ series, showcasing numerous members of their roster in a no-nonsense, style release plan.

The project kicks off with Joedan making his return, unleashing the catchy vocal sampling and moogy bassline shuffles of ‘The Request Line‘, a proper moody roller, before SubAtomic delivers a much more melody-driven vibe in ‘Helium‘, which combines punchy 4×4 drum patterns with bright chord ideas for a groovy ride. Gru Var then gets to work with a super vibrant bubbler in ‘The Style Dem‘, pulling together some very recognisable dancehall vocal samples over a nostalgic combination of bass and beats, before Dubzta rounds off the EP with his piano-lead madness in ‘Overdue‘. Across these three tracks we hear a full range of 2020’s garage sphere, and boy does it work as a compilation project. You can check out the full release via our friends at JunoDownload below:

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