In our many years of high output operation here at The 3000 Network, we have always made a point of giving props to the most consistent label projects out there. In our eyes, consistency over extended periods of time in the highly competitive landscape that is UK bass music, is something that isn’t celebrated anywhere near as much as it should be. Within the garage spectrum of that scene, for us, Strictly Flava are undoubtedly in the top bracket for consistent label projects, never ceasing in their no nonsense approach to single and double drop projects. 

Despite the end of the summer season, these guys are continuing to plough on at an exhilarating rate of releases, gathering both the best newcomers and an array of established veteran producers to join the cause, with what feels like a brand new wavy drop every week. This week however, they’ve doubled the goods as they release two individual single drops, both as potent as each other but covering a lot of ground around the full UKG spectrum.

First up, we take a smooth dive into the moog-inspired bass arrangement and euphoric synthetic pads of Section 95, who’s new single ‘Amaze’ finds a perfect little pocket of garage energy, wedged between a slowly progressive sounding creation and a high energy sizzler, doused with unique bass design and a sweeping sense of mysticism within its gorgeous pad-driven backdrop. 

Alongside this, Strictly Flava have also released a new single via their Sunday Flava’s sub-label, welcoming back Oculist for another summer-infused groove by the name of ‘Nine Elms’. This one focuses a lot closer on more bubbling UKG themes, with smooth vocals playing a major role in the track from start to finish, alternating between luscious harmonies and standout vox slices. Both of these originals give us a fantastic look into the full spectrum of what Strictly Flava are working with and have been continually championing for so long!

You can check out both of the releases via our good friends at JunoDownload below:

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