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Strictly Flava keep up their hot run with brand new MPH drop

Posted 18/4/19 in

It’s no secret at this point that we are massive fans of what the Strictly Flava is up to. Over the last year or so we have seen them put together a string of fantastic, original and forward thinking UKG releases, perfect for adding a dash of life to a party of any kind. Who doesn’t like a bit of wavy UKG at the end of the day? Since their inception we have seen fantastic drops with artists such as Kobe JT, Witchdoctor, Minista, On1 and host of other names who are all representing the new school garage movement.

This latest offering comes from a Canterbury based producer and DJ MPH, who originally made his breakout in a more bassline inspired sound, having put together some fantastic releases for projects such as Lengoland, CruCast, LowEnd and more. However, we are very pleased to see him here exploring the roots of bassline more-so, as he plunges into a fusion-like EP, focussing on more originally 2-step themes and rhythmic persuasions.

In classic Strictly Flava format, we are treated to two individual creations. Overall, this shorter EP structure seems to work a lot better for UKG style releases, allowing us to taste the flavours without being overladen with similar sounding creations. We kick off this project with the A-side entitled ‘Midnight’. Now this recording is a very clever creation, both musically and rhythmically, as we hear an array of smooth, soulful instrumentation working in small, sliced harmonious sections including smooth brass toots and extended lo-fi chords. When these are topped with the super skippy drum creations and catchy vocal slices, we are truly onto a winner.

On the flipside, the party remains just as lively as we are introduced to ‘Say It’. This track takes a much more old school approach to it’s arrangement, focusing on syncopated piano stabs and catchy riff progressions, again topped with a super catchy vocal line. As well as this, the recording continues to grow as it moves forward, with more of those stunning lo-fi chords coming into play as we zoom towards the bridge.

When asked about UKG in the UK currently, MPH was keen to share that he felt ‘Its a really exciting time for garage, I’m really gassed to be a part of such a sick movement at the moment. Its also nice to see some up & coming producers get the recognition they deserve’. We feel that labels such as Strictly Flava have been instrumental in this, so went on to ask if he would be working with the label again, to a response of ‘Definately! Absolutely love the content Strictly Flava have been putting out so really excited to showcase what i have in the works on their label!’

There really seems to be no stopping the awesome run that Strictly Flava find themselves on, as we given another fabulous two track creation here, available to purchase, stream and download from tomorrow!

You can check out the full EP previews below:

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Words: KXVU

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