Stones Taro becomes the latest addition to the Strictly Flava Roster

As always here at 3000, we love to keep an eye on garage music and it’s now consistent expansion across the face of the globe. Within all of the UK’s musical exports, it definitely feels as though garage is the most UK-centric sound, with influences of course being taken worldwide, but no specific hubs emerging. Today, we find ourselves globe trotting to a new degree as Strictly Flava, one of the most consistent labels out there for new garage music, introduce us to the sounds of Stones Taro, a Japan-based producer who brings a fresh, vibrant approach to that classic 2-steppy sound with his brand new 3 track drop.

Before we take a look at the EP itself, we once again have to throw some respect on the Strictly Flava name, who as a label have been consistently churning out top quality release after top quality release, whilst also introducing us to a bag of previously undiscovered faces. Their contribution to the garage scene simply can’t be praised enough in our eyes.

So, as we dive into the EP itself, the first thing we notice is just how crispy the production is right from the off, Stones Taro is clearly an artist who approaches his creations with a clear and precise idea of the outcome, hence why these three originals seem to hit the spot so perfectly. We kick off with a look at the title track ‘Sirens’, a spacious 2-stepping roller, driven forward by it’s airy pad pushes and sumptuos sub-drum combos. It’s a perfect livener for any selection.

That theme of spacey atmospheric design runs true into the next track also as the gorgeous synth plucks and minimalist drum arrangements of ‘Whale Watcher’ deliver a thunderous follow up, again showcasing the precision and potency of Stones Taro’s production pallet. Finally, the shuffling rhythms and slowly evolving layers of ‘Space Ranger’ see the EP out in style, with us marking Stones down as a real one to watch as we find ourselves hurtling towards 2021. You can check out the full EP below:

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Words: KXVU