One thing we absolutely love ab0ut working alongside so many different labels and projects is being able to sit back at times like these and see how far the newer projects have come in such a short space on time. One of the labels we can definitely put into this new-school success story bracket is of course Steppers Club, who throughout the course of the last 18 months have been spinning out some incredible records. The consistency levels these guys have been hitting is nothing short of outstanding and we are loving their output. Sadly, lots of the newer start up labels seem unable to maintain the high momentum they gain across their launches, it’s pretty much the polar opposite for this thriving imprint.

This latest drop from them near enough optimizes the best parts of their sound as they welcome the sounds of Sam Deeley, who has previously featured on the label numerous times, becoming somewhat of a heavy hitter for the team in general, with his standout appearance coming as part of the . As part of this fantastic breed of new school garage artists, he delivers a couple of instantly loveable heaters on this wavy three track expanse.

The title track goes by the name ‘Never Too Late’, alongside the magnificent vocal additions of Sydney James & Ceaser, who as a high octane combo add some serious juice to the shimmering, colourful instrumental that Sam Deeley provides below. This track also comes complete with a slightly altered radio edit for all of the DJ’s out there as well. On the flip side to those two versions, we jump into the sounds of ‘Watch This’, a much more techy approach from Deeley with some beautiful chord expressions and vibrant harmonic arrangements alongside. It’s an excellent offering from a very exciting production talent.

You can check out the full EP via our friends at JunoDownload below: 

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