Despite only being a few weeks into the year, the team over at Steppers Club have continued to push up the levels and pick up the pace of their drops, kick starting 2022 with a serious bang. They opened up on only the 14th of January with a very vibrant drop from the sonic mastermind that is Hamdi, sending all the signals that they are going to be playing around at all this year. Over the last few years, it’s safe to say that the attitude and aptitude of the Steppers Club team has pushed them to the upper circles of the UKG pile pretty quickly, and it’s been awesome to watch.

This time around, they make their way back to the centre-circle with a vibrant new single drop from Zefer, who has already released a couple of scorchers alongside the Steppers Club team in recent times. Having spoken to the group behind the project on Trickstar Radio, I was pretty blwon away by their general enthusiasm for the project and the constant seeking of growth that they commit to, which is realistically why the label has gained so much populairty in such a short space of time, despite the crowded nature of the UKG scene as a whole.

The single takes the title ‘Hold You’ and sees Zefer return to his nostalgic roots, building up a glittering sonic journey through tap-dancing arpeggios, pulsating 4×4 drum rolls, unusual vocal slides and bitcrushed basslines, all culminating in a very fun overall design. This is the type of tune that DJ’s will love to draw for, with the soulful vocal chops making for perfect fader switches and the joyous nature of the track supplying a plateful of good energy in general. The release is of course coupled with another colourful piece of artwork which we always love to see, this time exploring a warm orange theme.

You can check out the full single below via our good friends over at JunoDownload

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