We take real pride here at The 3000 Network in making sure we explore as much of the UK sound as we possibly can. This of course means exploring the more experimental side of sounds, a region within which the legendary SP:MC has been ploughing an impeccable trade for a number of years now. There is no doubt in our mind that on a production quality level alone, SP has to currently be one of the most massively under-appreciated soundsmiths of the modern era here in the UK, with his exceptional use of sound design creating some of the most forward thinking creations across dubstep and garage alone.

Today’s release sees us take a closer look into the latter of the two above genres, which is somewhat of an unusual turn. With the massive rise in UKG’s popularity, there is no doubt that there has been a major shift towards the must more melodic side of the side, with the likes of Conducta, Sammy Virji, Higgo and many more all utilizing fantastic harmonic displays to put a smile on the face of ravers around the country. This release however, is a perfect example of how to do the exact same thing, but instead of focussing on uplifting melodies, we focus on heads down subs and drum design.

We begin with a look at  ‘Love HZ’, which through a masterfully designed arranged combination of petite vocal dabs and explosive sub rumbles gives us a serious system buster. The whole track just oozes electronic charisma and sonically, there really isn’t much stopping this being audibly perfect. On the flip, ‘Glidepath’ arrives with a more stripped pack rhythmic approach, focussing all of the energies on a monstrous yet still subtle reese bass lead, writhing through the centre of the track and giving us a perfect contrast from the A-side. 

Both tracks hold unique energy and are both set to cause serious dancefloor damage, which you can check out via our friends over at JunoDownload below: 

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