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Southpoint’s Josh Gunston launches exciting new music venture: Project Gosh

Posted 19/2/19 in

One thing we are most certainly starting to notice about the UK bass scene is a leaning towards social media presence and online capabilities, something which a lot of people are opposed to by principal. For us, we now live in an age where online presence and social media techniques have become essential as parts of a promotional campaign, and we feel that it’s something everyone is perfectly capable of being able to get involved in, without being bogged down in stats and figures.

One label we know is able to traverse these social media outposts is the Brighton based label: Southpoint, who continue to reinvent their online presence and assets to stay ahead of the game, providing constant upgrades to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds, solidifying themselves as a brand at every available occasion.

With the musical direction of Southpoint being headed up by KXVU, the branding, PR and social media elements of the company are headed up by artist manager and label co-founder Josh Gunston, who we previously interviewed on the site, looking more specifically at his artist roster and some managerial dos and dont’s.

Josh Gunston

Last week however saw the launch of the brand new shiny initiative entitled Project Gosh, Josh’s first solo project which has been set up with the aim of helping electronic artists and vocalists improve their branding, online presence and release strategy through carefully structured consultancy sessions, moulded specifically to each individual users needs.

So far, Josh’s direct artist management roster features the likes of Bushbaby, Freddie Martin, Razor, SaidWho and Inkline, with previous artists including Pavv and our very own KXVU. With this illustrious list of rapidly rising names, it’s clear that Josh has a bag of successful methods for improving artist traction and growth.


Freddie Martin


This latest venture sees him step into the public with an aim to improve as many artists as possible, bringing a new lease of professionalism to the front of the bass scene, which is definitey in need of some  mid validity before it can elevate to the next level overall.

‘Project Gosh offers music business consultancy for up-and-coming and established artists, managers, labels, promoters and more. We charge a fee of £30.00 per hour. Consultancy sessions can be in person, over the phone, via Skype, or whatever you feel most comfortable with.’

We were lucky to catch Josh for a couple of words among his super busy schedule. We firstly asked him what his vision for this project was, to which he replied: ‘The initial idea behind Project Gosh was for me to establish myself outside of Southpoint, allowing me to start delving into artist management opportunities outside of bass music. In regards to the consultancy, it was established because I feel as though there is a huge neglect within the current scene for professionalism and strategy.’ When we asked about how far the project could go, he followed up with ‘There is no limit at the moment, I’m just excited (yet extremely nervous) as to what can happen next.’

We questioned him further on the importance of branding in a modern artist’s set up, to which he replied ‘This is important because without it, you are not important. No brand, no strategy, no execution = nothing, you might as well give up now.’

We are very excited to see where the project goes, and you can take a look at the site for yourself and find out more HERE 

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