As always, we love to spend a lot of time exploring some of the real innovators of scene and the labels that allowed them to push their sounds forwards, with there being such a rich tapestry of history already established in and around UK bass and garage music. With different labels focussing on different sounds and styles individually, today we are going to be looking at one of the founding father imprints, that have always made an effort to focus on as many different genres and sub-genres as they can. That label is of course Brighton’s own Southpoint, a project that has always looked to the future of underground dance music in the UK.

Throughout their genre travels, we have seen the imprint explore everything from garage to grime to dubstep to breaks and everything in-between, with their latest signing looking like their journey is about to unlock a whole new area of the genre map. Enter: Absenol., a truly unique soundsmith who has been catching quite a lot of attention. Having already hoisted together impressive releases on Cortese’s own Plaza imprint, it’s very exciting to see him link up with the Southpoint collective, who have already got quite the reputation for breaking new artists.

We know this EP has been in the works for a fair few months and once we get into our breakdown you will understand why that is so apparent. We open up this incredible selection with the sounds of the title track ‘Direction’. a beautiful 2-step stroll, doused in gorgeous synthetic pad textures and stunning original vocals, which gives us one hell of an opener. The pressure then ranks up significantly as ‘Impact Velocity’ takes us down a spiralling well of intense breakbeat swings and sizzling bass synths below, with ‘Nectar’ then cooling the landing with some more blissful pad designs and vocal inputs to round off the project with a real sense of grace and finesse.

The future looks very bright for Absenol., whose unique combination of garage and breaksy themes sounds just right for the times. You can check out the previews for the EP below:

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