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Southpoint unveil final bass release of the year with the return of Inkline

Posted 22/10/19 in

It’s been a top notch year for the Southpoint team when it comes to releases. The label itself has always found a major amount of pride in the fact they are able to move around different areas of bass music with such freedom, often leading to incredible collaborative material and scorching remix link ups, giving them a bit of an edge on the competition. This year has seen them deliver in grime with Jakebob’s debut album and KXVU’s most recent EP both reaching MixMag status, along with a launch into the realms of UK funky and garage with Moony & Movement presents earlier in the year.

However, it’s safe to say that the label’s core crew have all continued to play a major part in the projects advancement and growth, with their latest announcement seeing the long awaited solo return of Inkline. Despite making numerous appearances on remixes and compilation projects, this will be Inkline’s first solo release with the STPT team since May 2017, nearly two and a half year ago. In this time we have seen Inkline build up a fantastic catalogue of releases with numerous other labels however, showing he is as active as ever.

We have seen him make his mark not only in the UK, but across the pond earlier this year as he landed on the legendary Night Bass alongside Bushbaby with ‘Walk Away’. He has also landed killer releases on both Punks Music and Bingo Bass, setting up his return to his home label of Southpoint nicely.

The release itself consists of three absolute heaters, providing the perfect insight into the Inkline sound, kicking off with the deliciously techy bass tones and choppy, hard hitting drum slaps of the title track ‘Venom’. There’s no getting away from the fact that Inkline has clearly found his pocket of sound, with the next track ‘Aquila’ supplying some additional harmonic structure through his high ended patterns, before the project rounds off with the catchy, blippy melodies of ‘Carousel’ providing the incentive for the ravers to lose their minds in the dance.

You can check out the full release preview below:

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