Southpoint unveil exciting new roster additions with ‘Inegrate Vol. 5’.

Since their inception back in 2015, Southpoint have without a doubt been one of the most consistent and forward thinking labels to bridge the gap between bass and 140 music. Formed down on the south coast musical hub of Brighton & Hove, their roster has constantly grown and expanded over the years, firstly focussing heavily on the local area, but then expanding UK-wide to ensure the quality of their catalogue continued to grow with them, with artists such as Bushbaby, KXVU, Movement, Freddie Martin and more all making their initial impact on their respective scenes via Southpoint releases.

Over those five years, the label has continued a number of different release series’, focussing on different areas of their genre spectrum specifically with the ‘Integrate’ series. Last Friday saw them launch the most recent edition of this series with Vol. 5, this time switching the script up completely to introduce a number of graduates from their ‘Introducing’ sister platform. The label has always maintained a strong commitment to bringing forward new artists from their secondary channel, allowing them to grow and prosper naturally. This new selection of artists they have assembled is a pretty exciting bunch, exploring everything between tech-influenced 4×4, to breakbeat thrillers and dubstep warblers.

First up, the enigmatic duo known as Cortese arrive to deliver ‘Source Unknown’, a sumptuous breaks-infused garage roller, forged together with some tip top quality production techniques, followed by DV-US making his full Southpoint debut with ‘Got To Leave’, a synthetic crunching slap of a riddim. Next, the label returns to it’s warbling 140 roots as El Laurie arrives with the swampy bass swings of ‘Gulliest’, followed by the more floating flavours of ‘Pulse’, a futuristic 4×4 roller from Henry Wallis. Finally, Kiddah provides the ultimate send off as ‘Chainlink’ lashes together racous breakfeat drums with lethal ressey textures for one hell of a bang.

You can check out all the new recruits and their original creations via the SoundCloud link below:

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