It’s a very exciting time for a number of different labels and imprints around the UK, with the full length and breadth of the country seemingly being able to develop new production talents across garage and bass music in particular. 2022 has been possibly the most intense start to a year we have seen in regards to new releases and drops, with today’s focus landing on an artist we feel has a very exciting career ahead of him. Although garage music is looking like quite a crowded arena, there are still new names managing to launch themselves through the threshold, with one of those artists being the Edinburgh-based Clarcq.

Think UKG, but even more colourful, with a dash of euphora thrown into the mixer. That’s a very simple way of described the truly refreshing approach we have been seeing from Clarcq, whose sound is very quickly gaining large sums of momentum, gathering support from both the future house and nostalgic garage-enthused listenership ranges. He made a very lively start to the year with a thunderous debut on Southpoint, one the UK’s premiere imprints, as part of their 9th Southpoint Presents compilation. To follow on from this, he returns to the Brighton-based outfit for his first solo input, with this brand new sizzler taking the title ‘Energy’.

As an introduction, it doesn’t get much better than this are we are greeted by a shimmering display of both vibrant synthesizer sweeps and warm, bubbling basslines below, giving us an instant feeling of summer and holiday flavour. These fabulous elements are then tied together through some very tidy drum processing and a wicked display of rhythmic prowess, with the instrumental original constantly shifting and growing, unlocking tidy vocal slices and more as it progresses forward. We know for a fact that Clarcq has a number of releases locked in with the Southpoint team, making 2022 a very exciting year indeed .

You can check out the audio for this single via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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