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Southpoint kick start the year with three massive ‘Introducing’ drops

Posted 31/1/19 in

What a whirlwind of a year 2018 was for Southpoint, who as a label put together 19 full releases, along with 50 free drops via their secondary ‘Southpoint: Introducing’ SoundCloud channel. There are few labels that seem to be able to handle such a bulk of releases and yet still maintain their maticulous quality control across all of the artists they bring into the fold.

Towards the back end of 2018, Southpoint was listed by UKF as one of the top 18 electronic music labels in the country, commenting heavily on their diverse artist roster and variating style of releases. With their main channel rapidly approaching 10,000 followers in under four years, this year looks to be a real tipping point for the Brighton based imprint.

However today we are here to discuss their secondary platform: ‘Southpoint: Introducing’, a channel set up and designed to ease the conjestion of releaes on the main channel for their regular roster, as well as being a clever way of introducing new faces into the STPT fold. As we mentioned above, 2018 saw 50 free releases drop on the channel, with the move onto Spotify streaming becoming available a few months into the year, making the releases both free and as accessable as possible. As a secondary channel, the rapid follower rise is quite scary, with the page fastly approaching 5000 supporters in just over a year and a half.

So far this year, the imprint has put together three heavyweight drops, showcasing a real range of talent from some of their newest additions, crossing genre boundaries left right and centre.  We are going to get into these first three releases now:

Week 1

Aerotonin & Tik&Borrow – Bandai

What a way to kick off the year was, with an electric injection of neuro, funky, breaks, grime and a bag of other influences coming to the table with this explosive collaboration from SimplyDeep’s Aerotonin & In:Flix’s Tik & Borrow. The pair work brilliantly in unison to create a very unique banger.


Aerotonin / Tik&Borrow

Week 2

Albzzy & Dread MC – Get The Strap

The STPT movement kept the ball rolling with their second drop of the year with a very high profile collaboration, bringing together the fluid yet hard hitting sub textures of Albzzy and the rawcus vocals of veteran vocalist Dread MC. As a duo, they combine perfectly, with Albzzy laying a stripped back, floaty foundation, over which Dread runs riot!


Albzzy / Dread MC

Week 3

RVB – Dark Nights

If you are looking for a dark, funky banger, look no further than Brighton’s own RVB. Through a combination of fantastic live event work and his tireless efforts in supporting the scene through the ‘The UK Is Funky’ Facebook forum, RVB has quickly gained a tonne of respect.  Having recently joined both the Southpoint roster and staff team, he smashes his first drop of 2019 out of the ball park with ‘Dark Nights’.



With their 100th Introducing release rapidly approaching, we are expecting a major switch up with the Introducing format as they breeze past the 5K mark this year. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

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