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Southpoint: Introducing marks 100 releases with Eyez & Sleepa slapper

Posted 24/4/19 in

As ever with Southpoint, it’s quite difficult to keep up with the mass of content that they appear to be able to put together. As a label, they are one of the few projects currently active who are able to really traverse between grime, bass, dubstep, breaks, funky and garage with relative ease and without anything seeming forced. The main reason for this is their incredibly diverse roster, from the techy stylings of front runner Bushbaby, to the UKG know-how of Moony and Movement, to the grimey insights of KXVU, Jakebob & Dubzta, just to name a few off the top of the head.

So, just how do they manage to put all this content out without it seeming overcrowded? The answer is simple, their Introducing platform. Now a lot of record labels open up additional SoundCloud channels to showcase different genres and styles, however with Southpoint they tend to avoid any genre boxes, opening up their introducing channel as a way of both introducing new names to the label and also allowing their established regulars a platform with which they can experiment with collaborations, remixes and alternate production styles. The channel recently surpassed 5000 followers, a very notable milestone indeed in today’s SoundCloud environment.

Because of this, the channels output has managed to maintain a release a week for just under 2 years, with every tuesday bringing us a brand new helping of STPT goodness, be it an exciting newcomer, an exploratory veteran or catchy collaboration. Now, a lot of people and labels struggle with a release a week for 6 months let alone 2 years, but when this is happening alongside a primary catalogue also, you kind of have to just take your hat off to them.

To mark 100 releases on the Introducing, the team have drafted in the futuristic combo of Eyez & Sleepa, who combine dubstep, bass and UK funky into a carnival driven neurotic blend on their brand new single ‘Stalagmite’. With swampy textures from start to finish along with unique rhythmic positioning, incredibly precise sound design and a serious kick of energy, we can see why they have been drafted in to mark such a momentous occasion.

Having hit 100 releases, we see that Southpoint: Introducing is now set to enter it’s second series, giving themselves a few weeks to prepare for future drops and projects. They have been rumoured to be focussing a lot more on theming moving forward, which leads us to believe we are in for a run of high profile collaborations, exciting newcomers and just more fantastic bass music across the board.

You can check out the full Eyez & Sleepa drop below via the Southpoint: Introducing SoundCloud page:

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