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Southpoint drop mysterious Bushbaby trailer and we can’t work out what’s going on?

Posted 5/11/18 in

Now unless you’ve been living under a very hefty rock for the last couple of years, you will undoubtedly have heard of Bushbaby. One of Lengoland and the bass scene revivals best success stories, the Brighton/Bristol based producer has been releasing banger after banger, steadily pushing his crisp neuro-bass sound to the tops of charts and line-ups.

With the success of Bushbaby’s ‘Force’ EP still ringing in our ears, backed up with a fair smattering of singles, it would appear time for something new… Last Friday saw the release of the trailer for Bushbaby’s latest EP ‘Phengophobia’, shedding some light (ironically, of course considering the EP’s title) on what we can expect next from the man himself. We see the EP starts off with a track entitled ‘Hold Up’, with an unmistakable Dre sample leading us straight into a bouncy and high energy 4×4 beat.

The next track, ‘Montana’, takes a much darker turn, with Dread MC’s pitched vocals setting the vibe over a nefarious broken beat. Last but not least, we’re teased with the atmospheric arpeggios of the title track ‘Phengophobia’, taming the explosive energy conjured from the EP’s other two tracks.

And that’s it. That’s all we’re getting in this trailer. Not even a release date! Fear not, this is intentional; it’s a surprise..! You’ll have to follow Bushbaby and Southpoint respectively for more details…

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