Southpoint deliver a fantastic Christmas gift with the eight edition of ‘Presents’.

Well, what a year it has been for are good friends over at Southpoint, arguably the most influential bass-driven record label in the south of the country since their original inception back in 2015. It has become a hub not only for UK Bass music as a whole, but a direct cause in Brighton’s reemergence as a city for us all the be aware of, giving their incredible talent pool a home and a goal to aim for in regards to the music they are looking to release.

Every year, the Southpoint collective come together to release a Goliath collection of original sounds under the title Southpoint Presents, which this year enters it’s eight official volume, using this opportunity to showcase the heavyweight flavours the label has to offer, both from bubbling newcomers and heavily associated veterans of the city and sound.

Southpoint Presents Vol 8

This year, we saw the label take a slightly different route, this time choosing to release three lead singles from the project to entice us in with music from MPH, Bushbaby and Kiddah & MRo. These three singles have most certainly lit the blue touch paper, with a spicy premiere from Cortese landing a couple of days after the last single landed on the Free From Sleep platform.

Today, as we always do on Christmas eve, we saw the collective launch the full project, which if we do say so, is the most tightly woven display they have ever unleashed in this format, perfectly balancing the old school flavours that run throughout the core of the release, with more vibrant and colourful modernised production ideas, supplying us with a monumental soundtrack to see out the year to.

The release itself is jam packed with a number of the Southpoint front runners, including Movement, KXVU, Drax, Jakebob, Hamdi, Dunman, Earthnut and Drumwork, all trying out new ideas and themes for this incredibly balanced selection, including Hamdi’s scatty synth chord progressions on Good Feeling and KXVU‘s interesting vocal expressions onBottles & Tinnies‘.

Alongside the classic Southpoint names on this one, we also see them unveil a host of new talent who we believe will be spearheading the future of the label across 2021, including the likes of El Laurie, Ryan Gallus, Lowkey and Henry Wallis, who all bring something colourful to an already well decorated table.

It’s one of the highlights of the bass music yearly calendar and you can check out the full project below:

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