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South coast garage veteran returns as Moony drops ‘Scandal’ via Southpoint

Posted 19/9/18 in

For us, there are few producers and DJ’s within the UKG sphere that remain as unsung as Moony, who has been Brighton’s leading light within the genre for quite some time. Having released on a multitude of labels in the past, we were glad to see that he has found a new homestead amongst the rapidly rising Southpoint imprint, who seem intent to expand their garage arm, bringing the likes of Movement, Eclypse and others to the forefront of their release roster.

Moony therefore makes his long return on the unpredictable and exciting ‘Introducing’ arm of the Southpoint expanse, with his most recent release prior to this being ‘Last Night’, an explosive UKG collaboration with Movement which still sits high amongst the Beatport top 100. His brand new track ‘Scandal’ is a composition stuffed with bubbling flavours, the perfect way to push away the dreary drizzle and have a few more blissful weeks of summer.

From the off we are greeted with excitable chord progressions, well rounded subs designs, groovy drum riffs and perfectly crafted vocal slices, giving the arrangement some powerful body and rhythm. This is Moony at his best, channeling his unique blend of influences into a sumptuous cocktail of delight. As ever with the Southpoint: Introducing releases, this one is available as both a free download via their ever expanding SoundCloud channel, or as an exclusive Spotify stream.

With news of exciting remixes and a potential mega compilation on the way for Moony next year, we are glad to see him back on the releasing roster pushing forward in 2019 and beyond, with the unsung Brighton legend recieiving a level of praise he truly deserves.

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