With garage music’s recent reign across the underground dance scene here in the UK, we have seen so many exciting new faces make their way into said scene’s forefront, with a tonne of fabulous new energy being able to be spread around the dances. This exciting influx of new talent has caused two good things to happen, with the overall quality of garage music being produced in the UK undoudtedly rising to levels we may have never seen before. Alongside this, the now veterans of the game have been pushed to up their game, which then ties back into the overall quality of the genre rising even further.

Garage Shared as a project has been one of the best examples of how to handle and showcase new talent whilst also balancing releases from the already-established heavyweights of the game. This makes their catalogue such an exciting adventure to dive into, especially when their latest attendee is in town. We are of course talking about Soulecta, one of the original Garage Shared troopers who has continued to push out top quality garage music for the last five years, never faltering on either consistency or quality. His ‘Soulecta & Friends’ album was easily one of the strongest garage albums to land in the last few years and his recent TikTok & Instagram virality show just how far his sound has grown in that time period.

He is now back in action alongside the Garage Shared team as he unveils a spicy new single by the name ‘Jheeze Louise’, which even from the title is packed with fun energy, sending us right into the heart of the rave. Soulecta’s production is always jam-packed with energetic rhythms and well processed drum expressions, but this one takes it to a whole new level as vibrant horn lines and funkadelic guitar licks lead the way on a rave-ready original like which we have yet to see. This one is dripping in euphoric energy and we can’t wait to see the damage is causes in the dances moving forward.

You can check out the full track via our good friends over at JunoDownload below:

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