Once again we find ourselves in a position where we can sit back and genuinely celebrate both the quality and consistency that has been stewing out of the incredibly active garage scene over the last few months. We are living in a time when the label network has never been stronger and the emerging artistry is constantly being added to, but every now and then we have to dive back into the catalogue of our favourites. That is exactly what we are going to be getting up to day as we take a look at the latest box of goodies from Soulecta, who for us, has been one of the real leaders of this new school garage wave over the last few years.

2021 was a fantastic year for the young soundsmith, who has shown a fabulous combination of versatility and creativity within his catalogue, forging a vibrant string of releases and follow ups under the “Soulecta & Friends” mini-brand. He has been assisted very well by the crew over at Garage Shared, who again have been on fire for as long as anyone can remember, constantly supplying the garage scene with the highest quality material out there. His latest single comes as part of a single and extended mix drop, which is, as expected, as lively as they come.

For this latest outing, we get to hear the mastermind really dive into his fusion-based bag, throwing up a fabulous combination of speed garage and 4×4 flavour with ‘Things You Say’. Everything about this one screams Soulecta as we are greeted by a hardcore-reminiscent set of breaksy breakdowns and rave pianos, all leading towards a thunderous crescendo, doused in dizzying bass manipulations and high octane drum skips, topped off of course with some typically classy vocal sample work. This is pure dynamite for any DJ looking to up the energy levels in the dance and its right out of the top draw from Souelcta, who continues to impress with every release he unloads.

You can check out the full track and the extended mix for the dances below via our good friends over at JunoDownload:

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