Just by reading the title on this one, we can assume you were as excited as we were to get into this spicy new one, which once again shows the spirit of collaboration really is alive and will within the ever-expanding UKG community. Collaboration truly is one of the keys to the progression of a genre, both in it’s sound and longevity, that’s something we firmly believe here at at The 3000 Network, and this is without a doubt one of the best examples of that theory in practise that we have heard so far this year.

Garage Shared are the label in question this time around, a platform that pops up pretty regularly here, down to their consistency and seemingly insatiable appetite to deliver banger after banger. They have pulled together an all star link up with this latest creation as the incredibly consistent Soulecta is joined firstly by Shosh, one of the most talked about DJ’s across the last year and head honcho over at 24 Hour Garage Girls. The second collaborator on this is the legendary MC Neat, one of the most important figures in the original garage boom who returns here to do the business once agin on this fantastic new single entitled ‘All The Massive’.

The track itself is pretty much a homage to the numerous eras of garage that we have found ourselves moving through over the years. On the production side, we are greeted by a combination of typically skippy drum arrangements and pulsating bass grooves, which of course Neat finds himself extremely comfortable over the top of.  He provides us with a catchy, nostalgic vocal performance, rolling back the years in a really refreshing way.

It’s a spicy one to say the least, which you can check out in full via our friends over at JunoDownload on the link below: