Over the course of the the garage rejuvenation period, which has been gaining momentum since around 2019, it’s safe to say that we have seen some incredible producers emerge, with levels of output and consistency like we have never seen before in UK dance music. One of the artists that we can say without a doubt sits among that pile of elite creators is of course: Soulecta, one of the most versatile producers out there, with an impressive catalogue on display that has been assembled incredibly quickly considering it’s quality levels. Today, we are going to take a look into his brand new album release, which following on from a super impressive run of single releases, hit the stores on Friday with a fantastic response.

Soulecta is known for his in-depth collaborative work, always bringing different vocalists into play with his high energy production arsenal, with this album being the best possible way to showcase that collaborative ability. As a project, Soulecta & Friends features 10 heavyweight garage originals, diving into both the old school nostalgia of the genre and the more modernized, jumpy side of the sound that has grabbed so much attention across the country and worldwide. The tracklisting however, now that is something very special indeed.

When we look through the list of collaborators on the project, it’s clear that the full works has gone into the back end of the project, with the guests including an incredible roster of: MC Neat, Shosh, Dread MC, FooR, Lee Walker, Leanne Louise and more. With such a potent selection of collaborations involved, the most impressive thing about this project is the fact that Soulecta is able to deliver a top quality feeling of cohesion throughout, without there being any disparity between the different types of artist that feature. It’s a pretty masterful display in all honesty, that in our eyes, has to be taken in via long-play to fully grasp it’s quality.

You can check out the full project via our friends at JunoDownload below: