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Soulecta delivers a sunshine ready freebie for Garage Shared

Posted 6/4/20 in

During these troubling times of uncertainty and quite frankly for morst: boredom, we are threethousand are putting in an extra level of effort to make sure we can keep you all entertained with the latest bangers from across the full range of the musical spectrum. Today, we are taking another joyful dip into the colourful world of garage, a genre most notable for it’s upbeat themes and happy flavours which have inevitably been a big factor in it’s reemergence as a serious player over the past couple of years.

For today’s outing, we are heading back over to Garage Shared, a new-ish project that has captured the imagination of a lot of producers for their consistency and quality, constantly unleashing new flavours, dripping in groovy sauce. They were back at it again over the weekend with yet another fire release, this time welcoming the ever-ready sounds of Soulecta, a 3000 favourite.

Hailed for both his unique approach to original creations and real aptitude for tidy remixes, we see him here engage in the latter as he buckles down for a top quality overhaul of an absolute classic. He lets loose with a vibrant recreation of Nancy Sinclair’s infamous ‘Bang Bang’ with a club-inspired UKG twist.

Now as we have said a lot recently, remixing classics is a risky business, but when it is done correctly, can yield some wonderful results, which is exactly what we see here, with his rework being filled to the brim with punchy drum selections, powerful subby expressions and a clever used of the original vocal which keeps it prominent throughout. This is how we like our UKG remixes, full and proper. Hats off to Soulecta for gifting us yet another classy remix project and Garage Shared for bringing it to the world.

We have attached the full track below: 

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Words: KXVU


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