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Soulecta & BitR8 double up for a delicious UKG drop

Posted 10/8/20 in

Garage garage garage, we simply can’t stay away from it at the moment as a blazing summer continues to reign down from above. The people was bubbly bangers, which is exactly why the genre is seemingly in it’s strongest position since it’s boom in the late nineties and early naughties. Because of this, the string of release we are seeing hit the digital shelves is doused in quality and creativity, with both producers and labels stepping their game up significantly in regards to consistency and quality.

For today’s excursion, we are taking a look at two garage heads who have been consistently involved at the top level for some now, as Garage Shared arrive once again to deliver a sumptuous new single. Having spoken to the team behind Garage Shared numerous times across different radio shows and platforms, it’s safe to say that they have got their heads screwed on very tightly, taking the idea of a garage label to a whole new level with their extensive behind the scenes work, opening doors for artists whilst also giving them a well mantained platform to enhance their skillset.

As one of the founders and owners of the Garage Shared imprint, Bitr8 is someone we feel has to set a good example the music he is releasing, which he does with an exceptional level of conststency. We see him here link up with somewhat of a threethousand.co.uk regular in Soulecta, one of the most talked about and celebrated garage producers who is currently active, boasting a spectacular discography, crammed full of groovy, summer-ready sizzlers.

This new link up takes the name ‘Best Kinda Love’ and is yet another perfect showcasing of UKG as a whole in 2020, combining catchy vocal sample slices with expertly exocuted drum expressions, vibrant moogy bass riffs and an overall nostalgic feel. hitting that blend between old and new within garage is a real trick to take on, and we love whatthey have done with this one.

You can check out the track below:

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Words: KXVU

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