It’s a very exciting time to be viewing the bridge between garage and breaks inflence sounds, with so many producers making a stop off to fish in these fabulously creative waters in search of unique fusion and sonic inspiration. The history of the two sounds is so nicely intertwined that some of the gems we have been seeing uncovered in recent months have been nothing short of outstanding, with nobody being a more impressive miner into this quarry of creation than the one and only Soul Mass Transit System, who returns to Instinct here for another seriously dazzling display.

In the last year or so, we have seen Soul Mass expand his catalogue drastically and continously unleash top quality material by the bucket load, with his sound steadily but surely evolving into one of the most interesting sonic landscapes in UK dance music right now. His constant blending of different dashes of nostalgia keeps ravers on their toes and the writers reaching for their thesaurus to find new ways of describing such unique designs. Today, we will be diving into his brand new four track project, which is once again dripping in originality and dancefloor friendly flavour.

We open up with ‘Of A Kind’, perhaps the strongest example of his more garage-influenced side, utilizing instantly noticable throwback organ chords and super intricate drum arrangements, all lathered in gritty, almost reese like synth slides, fusing the old and new with a serious level of majesty. From here, ‘Extremely Dangerous’ delivers another pulasting punch of bassy goodness, this time focussing on subby drones and more minimal rhythmic designs for booty-shaking shuffler. This is then followed by the catchy vocal sampling and bulging bass tones of ‘Never Turn My Back’, which turns the energy levels up a tad with some crunchy drum processing, before mellowing the entire vibe on ‘Turn The Lights Down Low’, with a warm sub-line taking the lead roll beneath stripped back percussion arranged into groovy flicks and jolts.

As an EP, it’s a perfect collection for any underground dance DJ, with twists and turns to the maximum for the ravers to enjoy across the globe. You can check out the full project via our friends at JunoDownload below:

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