For a long time here at The 3000 Network, we have made an effort to make sure we showcase the music we feel should be hightlighted for its exceptional creational attributes, with a long string of success when it comes to pointing out future legends. Today we are going to be taking a look at an outfit who have been continuously impressing over the course of 2021, gaining a substantial fanbase across the UK and worldwide whilst unleashing a dazzling array of new-school-nostalgic fusion within their releases, always drawing on the original UKG flavour sheet to come up with something fresh and exciting.

We are of course talking about the magnificent Soul Mass Transit System, who have yet again set out to impress the UKG listenership with another stunning project, this time coming to us courtesy of Instinct. The Leeds based duo have become an outlet for some of the most innovative sounds in UKG since their rise to popularity, with this new three track experience being a fantastic look into both their musical influences and production mindset.

We kick off our journey with a look at ‘Wine’, a perfect introduction, chanelling a very recognizable display of classic garage soundbites and unique bassy twists, all tied together with a crunchy display of 4×4 drum production, giving the track a whole additional bounce from start to finish. From here, we then get to take in the sounds of ‘Babeh’, taking that classic ‘Baby’ sample and reworking the whole design of that samples original home into something for the now, forging together moogy bass curdles with stuttered, almost breaks-like drum arrangements to give us a very enjoyable late night jig.

Finally, I ‘Know’ manages to find an interesting footing with an even more unique take on UKG rhythm, focussing heavily on swinging drum themes and harmonic pad chimes, giving us a euphoric decsent into spacey bliss to round off the EP in suitable fashion.

This is clearly another fantastic outing for the Soul Mass duo, who have released this one exclusively via JunoDownload, which you can check out via the link below:

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