2021 has seen numerous acts emerge and grow in musical stature across the UK, with a plethora of talent now being recognized on a much wider scale. This has happened across breaks and garage more than anywhere else and it has been an absolute pleasure to view this taking place from the sidelines. Today, we are going to be taking a peak at one of the real gems of underground music culture in the UK from a label perspective, the wonderful team at Time Is Now, who continue to showcase exciting new electronic flavour with a sizzling string of top quality releases.

The latest addition to their catalogue has seen Soul Mass Transit System arrive once again out of the snow to supply us with one final set of bangers to round off the year. Above, we mentioned that a number of different figures have been able to grow significantly across the breadth of 2021, with Soul Mass Transit System being one of those outfits, impressing near enough anyone who takes them in. Their sound has been able to expand and refine over the last twelve months, giving them one of the crispiest final products on the market, fusing breaks and garage flavour with a metallic tint to explore new, undiscovered areas of UK underground dance music.

This final EP of the year is a perfect way to celebrate that unique fusion, kicking off firstly with the nostalgic vocal slides and groovy, 2-stepping rhythmic swings of ‘Freak-ee’, which when coupled with a stunning display of distant saxaphone melody and booming basslines below is the perfect way to kick things off. Following this, we jump into the slightly more technical sounding ‘All I Need’, focussing on more intricate percussive plucks and pulses, topped with more pleasing vocal sampling for good measure. Finally, ‘The Message’, lets loose a big room bass synth, drenched in late 90’s energy, certain to get the ravers bouncing with it’s system busting surges, all worked into a tidy drum arrangement above.

For us, this is a perfect sign off for Soul Mass Transit System, who have continued to impress us across the full breadth of 2021, making their 2022 and even brighter prospect still!

You can go ahead and check out the previews for the full release via our friends at JunoDownload using the link below:

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