Sorrow delivers spicy new two tracker on Fentplates

Over the last 5 years or so, the resurgence of dubstep into the central lanes of underground music here in the UK has been an absolute pleasure to watch from the sidelines. Now this doesn’t just mean seeing the sound return to more speakerboxes, its where the sound has journeyed to in this time. We have seen so many different influences and futuristic twists and turns worked into the sound that we now are left with this fabulous amalgamation of worldwide flavours, all wedged together with wicked bass work.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at the latest release from Fent Plates, the parent label to both White Peach and Yellow Flower and therefore a significant player in the scene. The catalogue is wonderful to say the least, which has been very recently added to by this top quality two tracker from Sorrow. Again, we’ve seen such a growth and evolution of sound from this guy over the past few years, following on from an incredible run of link ups with Asa that set the grime scene on fire.

This release however sees him explore both the gnarlier edge of the dubstep sound, alongside his more favoured future garage roots as we take in two tracks of pure beauty and ethereal quality. We kick off firstly with the VIP mix of Mourner, an emotive collection of well designed vocal samples and shuffling percussive mastery, woven together with precision and a real touch of finesse.

On the flip side, things get a bit swampy as we wrap our ears around ‘Voynich’. This one is a goliath of bassy brilliance, letting loose a lethal LFO lead, doused in a slight level of distortion that allows it to chomp it’s way through the mix with a really hard hitting nature. Both of these tracks are a fantastic example of just how comfortable Sorrow has become within his sound and we absolutely love to see it.

You can check out the previews for both tracks below: 

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Words: KXVU