As always here at The 3000 Network, we like to keep as up to date as we possibly can with all the sounds involved with the vast UK underground dance music scene. Over the last couple of years, one sound has undoubtedly dominated the vast majority of our reports and coverage, that of course being UK garage. Watching the reigniting of this typically British sound has been fantastic, both because of the incredible flurry of new fans being drawn to the banner, but also the fact that the legends have been able to maintain their influence in the scene, either as DJ’s or from behind the scenes.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at the project of one of the true legends of UK underground music in general, the infamous DJ EZ. Since forming the Nuvolve imprint, he and his team have worked tirelessly across the mediums of both radio and record labels to showcase the best of the new school and old within the UKG spectrum. Their consistent releases have been hitting the reopening clubs hard in recent weeks, with their latest outing coming from one of the new schools most vibrant and consistent talents: Smokey Bubblin’ B.

Even with a brief foray into the world of jungle with a recent EP drop that turned a fair few heads, there aren’t many people who have been putting out as much of a high volume of good quality garage music as Smokey, who through both his releases and his fantastic Rinse.FM residency, has become one of UKG’s real shining lights. He recently linked up with Nuvolve team for another killer single, this time taking the title ‘Rinse Out”. There’s no two ways about it, this is a classic new school garage roller, stuffed to the brim with colourful melodic twists, groovy percussive incursions and sweet sub-bass patterns below. There are a few surprises in store, in typical Smokey fashion and it’s a must have for any returning DJ’s tunebox. 

You can check out the full release via the link below, provided by our friends at JunoDownload!

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