Smokey Bubblin’ B brings us some sunshine flavour with ‘Tell U’.

We are living through what is undeniably the most uncertain and unusual time period of the 21st century, with the world being topsy-turvy and the world of dance music being moved away from it’s spiritual home of the rave and into an online setting. When you couple this with the weather nationwide taking a turn for the worse and the frankly depressing events of British politics over-shadowing everything, there is no doubt the mood of the nation could be described as somewhat glum.

It is in times like these that people rely on entertainers and people of different performance and creation backgrounds to fill our time with uplifting material, something to take our minds somewhere other than the drudgery we seem to facing on a day to day basis. Following on from yet another 24 hour livestream, which once again blew the socks off everyone who tuned in, DJ EZ‘s Nuvolve imprint is once again out and about in the hunt for exciting new music, via which they can inject at least some happiness back into the world.

They find their man as quickly and efficiently as ever, welcoming the ever-ready Smokey Bubblin’ B inside for yet another instant smash with his brand new single ‘Tell U‘. There is something so impressive to us about the way that Smokey continues to impress. There’s never any additional drama, it’s just all about the good vibes with the music he brings and he has once again hit the nail on the head with the bubbling textures and groovy, somewhat nostalgic synthesizer action and alternating rhythmic inflections of this one, making us yearn for the dance as ever, but this time with a dose of sunshine flavour to ease the sadness.

Smokey has been a real shining light over the lockdown period in the UK, performing at socially distanced dances where available and still filling our feeds with a super consistent run of releases, we couldn’t have asked for much more!

We caught up with Smokey for a couple of quick questions, firstly asking “With garage being in such a healthy place, how important is it to have labels like Nuvolve really spearheading the movement? He replied “It’s very important, especially when you have the legendary DJ EZ at the helm, it will only push the sound even further.

To find out a tad more about the future of his sound, we asked “Can we expect a similar year to the last from yourself in regards to the amount of new music we will see? He responded with “I’ve been working hard in the studio with plenty of bits ready and some sick collabs on the go too! So expect plenty of goodness this year”

You can check out the sounds of ‘Tell U’ Below:

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