SMBDY At The Disco get busy with a wavy new Camden Cox remix

Over the years of being involved with covering dance music in the UK and beyond, one of the most exciting things about the process always has been and always will be the discovery of new music and artists along the way. The UK has never had a more bright and bristling talent pool, which makes the day to day hunt for the next banger to broadcast an absolute delight 99% of the time. Today, we find ourselves delving down a much more house-influenced alley as we take in a brand new remix from SMBDY At The Disco, a producer and DJ whose visual etiquette and clean production style immeidately pricked up our eyes and ears upon discovery.

To an extent, house music and bootlegs have become as synonymous with each other as cheese and biscuits at this point, with producers of all different backgrounds looking to spin both new school hits and old school classics into vibrant new recreations, which is exactly what SMDY has put together here as he launches a fabulous rework of ‘Apart’ from the infamous Camden Cox.

The trick with a good remix in our eyes is making sure the original elements of the track are still notable, whilst adding an entirely new direction to the composition, which is why it is surpisingly rare to find a truly original and exciting remix creation. Through an interesting take on the vocal line and the adding of an epic, almost apocalyptic sense of atmosphere throughout, we feel that SMBDY has most definitely achieved both these elements, at the general arrangement of this one pulls together storming horn stabs and a constantly shifting backdrop, to bring some very different to the table. It’s the fact that the overall track doesn’t have any down points, it just continues to expand and surprise you longer it rolls, which is a genuine rarity, combining progressive production techniques with striking features throughout.

You can check out full track below: 

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Words: KXVU