As always, we love to start the week by taking in one of the freshest releases out there, with today’s article taking a look at a riddim that matches the pleasant switch up in weather we have been experiencing over the last few weeks. The sunshine always makes us feel in a garage-ready mood, with the additional heat and high spirits alligning perfectly with the old school sounds of UKG, which is exactly what we have a slice of ready for you today. We are going to be diving into the latest release from one of the most undersung talents across UKG, with that of course being the one and only Smasher.

Working as both a now popular vocal artist, translating a nostalgic approach to lyricism and flow structures into a much more modern package, alongside being a fierce production mastermind, Smasher’s sound is a perfect glue between the old and the new, bringing a refreshing feel to every track he touches, whether that be on the vocal front or behind the scenes in the production chair. His latest single his packed full of original garage flavour, which we would definitely expect with the name ‘Back 2 95’. This one comes as the latest of a consistent run of new drops from Smasher, who has started 2022 with some serious flare.

The track itself begins with a colourful display of fluttering chord progressions and smooth bassline textures below, lashed together with tidy percussive inputs and skippy 2-stepping drums of course. As the track progresses, we get to hear more and more of that classic Smasher flavour, with the shuffling hi-hats providing a seriously rhythmic feel, later to be topped by classic rave-hosting samples and more of those sumptuous sub-tones below. This is one you need to throw onto your summer dance playlists instantaniously!

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