The second the sun emerges and the summer season appears to be in full swing, the sound of UKG rings freely across the streets and venues of England, with the sound itself being so tightly tied to the bubbly feels of the sunshine. It’s been a very exciting start to the season so far with so many big names and labels pushing out top quality releases, with the influx of these new drops only looking to increase as the heat continues to blaze down from above. Today we are going to be taking in a fresh release from one of our genuine favourites here at The 3000 Network, as Smasher returns for another pulsating original instrumental drop.

Smasher has made his name over many years within the UKG scene, always switching things around and alternating between smooth vocal performances and bouncy instrumental creations, giving us a real sense of being the best of both. Following on from a solid run of album and EP releases, he has now made his return to his home imprint of On-Top, delivering another dizzying design, perfect for the incoming festival season. The consistency within which Smasher has been able to smash out these fabulous originals deserves a lot of praise, and the fact that it seems to be somewhat of a one man music factory makes it even more impressive.

Taking the title ‘Rompa’, this one sees Smasher dive into the darker side of his garage influences, unleashing wave after wave of gnarly sub-driven energy, next to an uplifting array of carnival-style whistle blows and skippy drum textures, giving this one a very unique feel. As far as compositions go, this is a must have for DJ’s this summer, especially those looking to turn up the intensity of their set-lists by a couple of notches. It’s also another great addition to the Smasher catalogue as we move past the half way point of 2022.

You can check out the release below via our good friends over at JunoDownload

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