Garage, garage, garage, it seems to be the main focal point of our daily conversations here at The 3000 Network, with the scene never looking healthier and the sunshine adding a real level of intensity to that UK flavour we all know and love. Typically, this is the period where a lot of DJ’s would be drawing for the box of classic garage originals, but we are a lot more intent on looking towards the future and exploring the brightest sounds about today. By doing this, we just happened to stumble across a brand new single from the one and only Smasher, who from what we gather, is in the process of building the campaign for a very exciting new album drop.

For those that are unfortunate enough to not yet be aware of Smasher, he is a producer, singer and rapper who focusses in on the garage sound, with a long catalogue of tracks interweaving throughout the evolution of the UK underground, which his verses being featured as far back as the Channel U era. This new sound he is working on however represents everything about modern UKG down to a T, carefully folding together delicate vocal manoeuvres with skippy, nostalgic rap verses to create the perfect mid-summer singalongs.

This time around, following on from fantastic collaborations with both the legendary MC Neat and super consistent Local, he teams up with the wonderful vocals of Solo Jane for another summer scorcher, taking the title ‘Baby’. Again, there is something so pleasingly nostalgic about Smasher’s approach, the production is clean, the vocals are crisp and there is a bag of energy within the instrumental structure, making this a must have addition for any UKG selectors playlist moving forward. Given the strength of the singles we’ve already had the pleasure of taking in, we are sure the album is going to be off the scale!

You can check out the new single via the link below from our friends over at JunoDownload: 

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