Since the beginning of 2021 the team over here at 3000 HQ have noticed an undeniable trend in vocal garage releases. Now on the surface, this as a concept makes perfect sense, the sun is out, the parties and slowly returning, what more does anyone want than a few UKG singalongs right? Well this time around it definitely feels as though there aren’t just a couple of heads moving in this direction, there is a colossal shift underway. Now for us, this couldn’t make us happier, especially with the rich tapestry of artistry that currently adorns the UK’s underground. Today therefore, we are going to be taking a look at an album that we feel, in years to come, will be looked back on as one of the catalysts for this current movement.

We are of course talking about Smasher and his exceptional new album release ‘Vibes In Motion’, which has taken the country by storm with it’s laidback nature and smooth approach to garage instrumental structure. I recently asked on Trickstar Radio what the UK’s summer garage banger of 2021 was going to be, and for me, there was only every going to be one answer, how could I look elsewhere when I knew this album was in the works?

Smasher’s unique approach to both rapping and singing across the breadth of the project gives it the perfect combination of soulful flavour and gritty realism, which are fused together with some truly top-tier production work to give us a truly healthy body of work. We had already heard a number of the singles prior to release, including ‘Dubplate’ with Preshus, ‘Dem Days’ alongside Local and our our pick of the bunch: ‘Baby’, alongside the magnificent vocal additions of Solo Jane. These three tunes alone display what a high level of quality the album is dealing with, which the full tracklisting only backs up.

From the oldschool chord twangs of ‘Vibesin Riddim’, in which we hear Smasher display some nostalgic toasting techniques, to the singalong flavours of ‘Hold On Tight’, in which we hear him flex his vocal arsenal a tad more, the album holds such a solid picture of where garage is at in 2021. There is also a tasty treat in ‘Carmels Grandson’, which sees Smasher return to his grimey roots for a masterclass in flow switches and original eskimo energy. In all honesty, We could sit here and pick apart the intricacies of this project, but we would just be continuously praising the vibes in creates and the technical mastery behind those flavours, so all we can do is recommend that you sit and take this one in from start to finish for yourselves.

You won’t be disappointed, trust me!

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