Now despite the fact that The 3000 Network is undoubtedly a primarily UK bass and garage platform, our extensive team of writers and co-founders have all got their roots somewhere or other in different ponds of underground electronic dance music, with dubstep being a pretty common entry point into this maelstrom of sonic wizardy we often find ourselves perusing. That of course means that the team, including myself, have the utmost respect for the sound and evolution of the genre, making today’s feature all the more sweet as two names we have a lot of time for team up with one of the most consistent labels out there for a blistering new single display.

N-Type’s ‘Wheel & Deal’ imrpint has for a long time now been seen as a pillar of both consistancy and quality within the realms of dubstep and 140 music in general, with their catalogue spanning over a decade of incredible releases and collaborative endevours. N-Type himself is, in our eyes, one the scenes true pioneers, using both this platform and numerous radio residencies over the years to celebrate and showcase the sound in it’s fullest dimensions, from the high-flying veterans to shimmering newcomers alike. This has of course lead to the label itself delivering a pretty well balanced catalogue of creations.

This release is somewhat different from previous drops, with the majority of the catalogue being focussed almost soley on two-track instrumental grit. This switch up however sees them join forces with two of Bristol’s finest in Unkey & Slowie, for a vocal production combo that is sure to rattle systems to their foundation up and down the country.

Taking the title ‘Disrespect’, the track itself is a perfect look into both the intricate delicacies of Unkey’s long underated production wizardy and Slowie’s unique brand of multi-layer lyricism, discussing different themes throughout a certified thrill-ride of a performance. It’s a welcome switch up for the Wheel & Deal team, who have also included the instrumental mix as part of the project for us all to enjoy. Evolution within sound is essential and once again it looks like the collaborative efforts of both Slowie & Unkey have pushed the boundires once again.

You can check out both versions via the link below, supplied by our good friends over at JunoDownload

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