Despite our primary focus being pretty centralised around the fantastic world of UK bass music, we here at The 3000 Network all come from a really mixed bag of electronic influences, with dubstep and the history of the sound being quite a big one for a lot of the writing team. You may well have noticed numerous additional articles making their way onto the site about different dubstep labels and releases, and with the scene’s popularity once again growing and the quality levels being higher than ever before, it’s safe to say that you can expect to see more 140 related content on the way.

Today, we are heading overseas for a very exciting look at a brand new remix project, as we make the jump across the sea to Melbourne, Australia. The dubstep sound is truly global at this point which is why we were so keen to take a look at this thunderous new drop from the Plasma Audio crew, who for some time now, have been putting together top quality releases, each of which with a unique twist or switch up on a genre. This time around they have unleashed a serious belter, as they welcome the infamous sounds of Skeptical inside on remix duty for Safire & QQQ Akane’s latest project title track, taking the title ‘Slowly Rushing’.

It gets very spicy indeed as soon as we jump into this remix, which from the jump is doused in stunning atmospheric sound design, driven by glittering pad textures and subtle bass throbs that keep the energy level high throughout. When we hit the breakdown however, we enter a whole new section of wonkiness, as syncopated synth drips lazily swing us from left to right, guided by scattered drum stutters and intricate harmonic phrasing, this whole remix gives off a seriously hypnotic vibe. It’s a pretty masterful display from Skeptical, who once again impresses on remix duty.

We really enjoyed this one, which you can check out via SoundCloud link below:

Stream/download below: