Over the course of the last 4 years, bass music has swept across the UK with such a palpable sense of dominance, conquering dancefloors nationwide and also across the international stage. Since then we have seen a number of different artists and imprints rise to the top of the proverbial tree and stamped their mark on UK history, not only through their fabulous release catalogues, but also vibrant touring shows that have graced both the biggest venues and the liveliest festival stages. 

By now, I’m sure you’ve been able to guess who we are going to be featuring in this lovely Friday morning, as we see the don dadda himself: Skepsis return to action, rejoining the team at CruCast for an outstanding collection of official remixes, inviting some wicked guests onto the project and also dusting off a couple of projects for personalised remixes. Skepsis is without a doubt one of the leading lights in UK underground dance music, with his sound pushing him to the top of both national and international programming, with his journey on the global stage only just getting started.



As part 1 of the remix project begins, we take in storming VIP rework of ‘Acid’, unleashing zippy synth movements right from the jump, before the return of Window Kid’s instantaneously recognisable vocals on ‘Lose My Mind’ which is given a overhaul from WA-FU & Interupt. From here, the 140 mastermind Daseplate arrives with his typically gnarly rebuild of ‘Chain Gang’, before we welcome the enigmatic sound design of Turno with his updated version of ‘Used To’. From here, Serum then touches down to give a jumpy rethink to ‘Bumpa’ alongside Scrufizzer, with some wicked sound design to match, followed by Disrupta’s last inclusion, sending ‘R U Ready’ down a wavy trail of explosive sounds-caping to put the finishing touches on part 1 of a very impressive remix project indeed.


Skepsis - Faith In Chaos Remixes
Skepsis – Faith In Chaos Remixes


You can check out the full project out below:


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