Sisko lands on Nightflower with a rave-ready smash

As we move towards yet another weekend without the dance to look forward to, we remain steadfast here at The 3000 Network, constantly looking to find and explore as many different styles and areas of bass music as possible. Very much keeping in theme with our run of showcasing the less established labels of the UK, we are very happy to today to be taking a closer look at the one and only Nightflower Records who unveil a very tasty new single from the one they call Sisko.

Now let’s get this bit clear right from the jump, when we say less established labels, we in no way mean that the label isn’t working with high quality levels, only that they are yet to be discovered by a wider audience who we know will absolutely love what they have on offer. Founded back in 2019 by Sam Rimmer, Nightflower have been on a similar mission to ourselves, in their case, releasing as many new and exciting artists from across the spectrum of bass music as they can, with some fabulous results on the long the way we might add.

This one immediately sends us back to the rave, with an introduction built from floating synthesizer manoeuvres and tidy vocal slices leading towards a high energy build up. From here, pandemonium reigns as the synthesizers are let loose in a big way, warbling away with a powerful low-ended push below punchy drum slaps and groovy yet tightened 4×4 rhythms. It’s definitely one that we know DJ’s will be holding onto until we are able to get back into the raves where we all belong.

We have attached the track below via the Nightflower SoundCloud page for you to enjoy:

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