Simply Deep launch first official vinyl campaign with Killjoy, Trilla, Arctic, Sergic, Lyka & more

Over here at 3000 HQ, we love nothing more than seeing different label platforms and artist outlets excel in what they do. We know first hand the work that goes into releasing music properly, with official campaigns and strategies, so to see it pay of for numerous different labels is always a truly pleasing feeling. Given the ease of distribution in 2020, we do tend to see a lot of labels launching themselves forward straight into the digital market, focussing all of their energies on streaming, with a little bit on the side for digital downloads. It’s safe to say however, that sometimes, you just can’t beat a bit of wax, which is why we were absolutely thrilled to see that Aerotonin’s Simply Deep imprint have finally made the jump to vinyl, after teasing with the idea for a number of years.

Having found themselves becoming notorious for exploring the more experimental sides of 140 and bass music, SimplyDeep have gained quite the reputation for constantly levelling up, even if they aren’t aware of it themselves. This is why when we saw they had made the journey into vinyl, we simply had to get involved. The roster is pretty awesome to say the least, with shades of early Tumble Audio releases coming into play as Emvee firstly links up with Trilla to deliver ‘Dutty Yano’, a high energy grimey roller, made up of stripped back drum work and intense rhythmic flavour, over which Trilla can apply his rave-ready flows to get any party up and off the ground.

From here, the ever-ready Killjoy teams up with Sergic & Lyka for some industrial grime with ‘Beluga Lockoff’, a track doused in pulsating synth energy and sharpened drum textures, before Farsight arrives with more percussive mastery on his VIP mix of ‘Pro Spacemaker’, a sizzling creation again driven by it’s metallic rhythms and intense synthesizer expressions. Finally, Arctic lands to round things off on ‘Rick & Morty’, a bell-lead skanker, dripping in moody melody and hypnotic twists, giving the whole project a suitable round off.

The project was an absolute delight to take in and you can pre-order the vinyl now by clicking HERE

You can also check out the previews for yourselves below:

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Words: KXVU