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SILK gets gritty on “Rough Tempo”, his debut EP with Lengoland [Exclusive Preview]

Posted 17/12/18 in

As far as upcoming producers go, there aren’t many who have been putting in work as consistently as London’s own SILK, who has spent time this year refining and formatting his potent Bassline sound, rendering him one of the strongest new faces on the scene. He has been making regular event appearances as well as stacking up some seriously impressive support, which is why it made perfect sense to us when we saw that he had teamed up with the infamous Lengoland, for their label’s third official release.

Lengoland’s label project was launched a couple of month’s ago now, with the intention of showcasing a wider range of artists within the bass community, rather than the same old faces over and over again. The first act they brought in was Wheeto, who’s stock has sky rocketed since his release, a scenario we can see happening for SILK following his impressive collection of bangers hitting the shelves. The project is made up of three original creations, each more gritty than the last, perfect material for converting a dance to a zoo in a matter of minutes.

We kick off the project by looking at the potent title track collaboration alongside Cunning MC, who jumps on board with a backpack full of energy and witty lyricism, giving the recording a stab of adrenaline from the very beginning. Underneath this lively vocal performance, we hear SILK lay down some disgusting arrangements, bristling with energy and sharp, electronic shimmers, cascading between sharp drum carvings and tight rhythms.

Following this, we dip into the more modernised bass arrangements of ‘Another Land’, which draws it’s vibrant energy from lethal LFOs and synthesizer arrangements, with a bass driven theme again running throughout the mix, topped with an unexpected vocal mesh amidst it’s softer breakdowns. This is the type of tune you can see causing an immediate ruckus in the rave. We finish up as we began with yet more explosive sound design as yet more gritty LFO manoeuvres move themselves to the forefront of the mix on ‘Explain’, adding a touch of finesse to the overall project.

This is an excellent body of work and a definite statement of intent from both the Lengoland camp and SILK himself, who will certainly be looking to establish himself even further across the breadth of 2019, with this release looking like a major landmark already.

Listen to the exclusive preview of Rough Tempo here:

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Words: KXVU

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