As always here at The 3000 Network, we are very keen to make sure we are staying as up to date as we possibly can within the global garage scene, which over the last five years has absolutely exploded, expanding it’s arms into every corner of the globe. This is such a fabulous thing to see for a sound which the UK holds so close to his heart, with a tonne of now international influence being pulled into the sound as it globalizes and morphs into a genuinely dominating sonic powerhouse. Today we are taking a look at one of the labels supporting that global expansion, as Strictly Flava once again deliver a spicey double up.

We have often spoken about how much time we have for Strictly Flava, an imprint that cuts all of the fluff out of releasing music and keeps it as simple as it comes: Vinyl-sticker style artwork, colourful backdrops and crazy instrumental garage beats. What’s not to love eh? For this latest adventure out into the wild, they have once again expanded into international waters, as the rapidly rising heat levels of Shunji Fujii are welcomed back to the label with a large level of panashe. He delivers two extremely potent original creations, exploring the basis of garage music with a tonne of funkadelic flavour thrown into the mix and blend.

We open up this fabulous journey with a quick peek at ‘Colours’, a thunderous anthem, littered with stunning jazzy riffs and groovy guitar flicks, which when combined with a gorgeous display of bulbous bassy action below, makes for a seriously fun breakdown. To match the energy of the title track would be some feat, but ‘Second Round’ sure does give it a good attempt, this time stripping back the instrumentation a tad and focussing on distant saxaphone toots and lively drum slides to really get the party started, rounding off another very impressive collection from the Strictly Flava set up.

You can check out both of the tracks via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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