We chat to Shifter about Lockdown productions and big room bass

As 2021 continues, we are ramping up our releases and aiming to bring you the biggest and best bass music the scene has to offer. Therefore, we are on a mission to find the best new and up-coming artists to bring you regular banging releases. Our latest release comes from one of the scenes brightest new producers and DJs, who released here on 3000 Bass at the back
end of 2020, it’s Shifter!
Shifter is a Leeds based producer and DJ with a passion for big room bass music, his style is quickly becoming more and more noticeable as he continues to hone his craft and improve his production with every release. He debuted on 3000 Bass in December 2020 with his single ‘Feelin‘ and has since partook in The 3000 Bass Exclusive Mix series as well.

His latest single, ‘Get Me Out Of Here’, is arguably his biggest yet, a vintage showcase of the big room UK Bass style, combining a catch vocal with atmospheric synths before transitioning into a killer drop, full of excitement and energy.


I caught up with Shifter, just before the release of ‘Get Me Out Of Here’:

Q) Yo Shifter! Before we get into things, introduce yourself, who is Shifter and where do you come from?
A) My name is Will and I’m an 18 year old from Leeds. Shifter is the alias I’ve been producing under for the last 2 years.

Q) You’ve burst onto the scene in a short period of time and people are really beginning to sit up and take notice of you, how long have you been producing and what is your musical background?
A) I’ve been producing for around 2 years but a lot of it was experimental just putting tunes out for fun and seeing if people liked them. In terms of my musical background, from the age of 7/8 to 16 years old I’ve been DJing under my real name ‘Will Grubb’. I then started to move in to the production scene and rebranded as ‘Shifter’. From there on I’ve been producing bass music and continued DJing.

Q) You released with us back in December, how happy are you with how that release went?
A) I was over the moon with the support from ‘Feelin’. When DJ EZ supported it, it was like I was in a dream and to get to 63 in the Beatport charts and in the staff picks was unreal.  It is still one of my favourite tracks as it mixes that old school organ that I sort of grew up with and the new energetic bass that has evolved.

Q) Your upcoming release, ‘Get Me Out Of Here’, is my favourite one of yours so far, how long has this one been in the works?
A) I think it was made in June / July time and after having just made ‘Feelin’ too I was happy with how it came out. I sent it out to a few people and the feedback was great. From there I got it mastered and sent off to you guys and here we are!


Q) You’ve very much harnessed the current big room UK Bass style, why do you think this sound has become so popular?
A) I think that the sound I go for is popular because it’s very energetic and pleases the crowd. Whenever I make a tune I always imagine I’m in a festival crowd and a DJ is playing it. Sometimes I even add a reverb to the master track to help me imagine it haha. From there, if the tune doesn’t get me gassed or excited I’ll probably start another project. I never really release song that don’t make me want to go rave haha.

Q) How has being in lockdown affected you in terms of production, has there been positives and do you feel you have progressed more than you might have done with their being more time available to work on producing?
A) Although lockdown was tough mentally having suddenly stopped playing my weekly sets in Wakefield, I think it’s where I tried taking my production to the next level. ‘Say’, ‘Feelin’, ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Get Me Out Of Here’ along with a few other stuff were all made during the first lockdown so I think I was fairly productive haha. From really focusing in 2020 I reached 600k plays which was a huge milestone for me especially when I tripled 2019’s plays!

Q) As a relatively new producer to the scene, who are some artist you aspire to work with or to be like?`
A) I have always looked up to Holy Goof, Skepsis and TS7.  I saw all of them at Leeds festival in 2019 and to work with any of these talented producers in the future would be a dream come true! Although I haven’t seen him live, I love Zero’s uniqueness and how he’s changing the game with his new sounds!

Q) What would be one piece of advice to give to other up and comers trying to break into the scene?
A) This is tough because I don’t feel like I have made it, but I would say just make whatever you want and enjoy it. Just keep making music and sharing it with the world, and be resilient. As well as this, just be a generally nice person. I think there is a lot of people who are negative but if we all support each other hopefully everyone’s dreams will come true. This is something I learnt from Danny T and will never forget!

Q) Thanks for chatting today and I can’t wait for the release of ‘Get Me Out Of Here’, finally, have you got anything you’d like to plug or shoutout?
A) Haha just make sure everyone goes and listens to my new track ‘Get Me Out Of Here’ out on the 5th of Feb!  I’m not usually the one for shoutouts but so many people have supported me growing up. Besides thanking everyone supporting my music, I can not thank my family, Graham B and Danny T enough. The support and advice these guys have given me will always be appreciated!


Stream/download ‘Get Me Out Of Here’ here:


You can also check out Shifter‘s 100% own production mix taken from Marcus Nasty‘s Rinse FM show on 03/02/21 below.

Look out for more production mixes from our label roster coming soon to Marcus’ show.