Bass, house, tech and garage, over the last few years at least, have continuously grown to form some level of unspoken genre bond, with all of the individual entities somewhat overlapping at some point, causing a sense of fabulous fusion whenever a dedicated sound smith feels the need to sow the seed of fusion between them. With all of the above sounds having similar roots and crossing histories, this was always going to be the case eventually. Today we are going to be taking a look at the return of an artist whose sound has attached itself to many different genre roots, alongside a label that seems to just not know how to quit bringing us fantastic new flavour.

We are firstly talking about the return, of course, of the one and only Shadow Child, a name I grew up going to see tear down deep house-style events and always bringing a much more new school edge to the events in question. It’s therefore very exciting to see him return, but also to see the location of his landing as he arrives on the now legendary Time Is Now. We are running out words to describe just how impressive it has been watching the Time Is Now team over the last year, with this latest four track weapon landing as part of their super popular ‘Time Is Now White’ series, bringing back the original essence of white label-style releases.

The EP itself is made up of four crunchy creations, following a seemingly much more breaks-inspired root, kicking off with the dizzying percussive leads and intense basslines of ‘O Yeah’, which sets the tone nicely with some haunted vocal sampling & spacey pad textures just to add to the overall eerie effect. Next, we dive into the world of nostalgic hardcore as a wash of throwback chord progressions and shuffling drumlines are revealed on ‘Empire’ alongside Mr Time, before again spinning back into a junglist paradise with the potent bass pokes of ‘P&O’. Finally, we round of with the euphoric arrangement of ‘In Your Arms’, which again calls back to some very smooth, original breakbeat¬†ideals,¬† giving the project one last dash of finesse.

It’s a truly welcome return for Shadow Child, which you can check out below via our good friends at JunoDownload

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