Following on from a very exciting start the year, introducing vibrant drops from their flahship ‘Presents’ series, alongside a pair of lively singles from new signing Clarcq, the Southpoint team have been on a very lively run of late. It seems as though the team are really redefining their direction, somehow without alienating their previous roster-members. Their latest drop landed this morning and sees them move even further into new territory, as another one of their newer signings, namethee Sevendwalk, arrives in fabulous form, exploring a much more bass-house scentric set of sizzlers.

So far, we have seen a couple of originals land on the Southpoint imprint from Sevendwalk, who over the last couple of years has really defined his sound, fusing a combination of lethal reese textures, chunky drum textures and explosive sampling, giving every one of his originals a fiery, dancefloor ready feel. This latest EP almost feels like the culmination of everything he has learned so far, with it undoubtedly being the strongest collection we have seen from him so far.

We open up with the title track ‘Night Ride’, which although it had been previously released as a single in the build up to the EP, packs a sumptuous punch, fusing grizzly electronic sounding synthesizer flare with distant, metallic jitters and a powerful sense of sub below, before breaking down into a blippy complex of futuristic 4×4 heat. From here, we dive into a deeper, more drippy set of textures as ‘More’ arrives as a proper system bubbler, quite unlike the introduction. This one boasts a creepy set of fizzing soundscapes and glitchy bass notation, which almost feels like we are playing with a harmonic circuit board.

Finally, we jump right back into the more intense side of Sevendwalk’s production, with a look at ‘Bass On’. This, out of the three, is probably the most dancefloor orientated creation, unleashing a dizzying array of sharpened 4×4 kick inputs and cowbell laden percusssive runs, all-ending in a gorgeous breakdown that will most certainly knock your socks off.

You can check out the full EP via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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